Deseret's Member Cooperatives



Deseret's Member Cooperatives

Deseret Power is a generation and transmission cooperative that was formed in 1978 by six rural electrics cooperatives. These six, listed below, comprise all of Deseret's membership.

Member   Main Office
Bridger Valley Electric   Mt. View, Wyoming
Dixie Power   Beryl, Utah
Garkane Energy   Loa, Utah
Moon Lake Electric   Roosevelt, Utah
Mt. Wheeler Power   Ely, Nevada

Together these co-ops serve over 45,000 customers in Utah and surrounding states. Unlike investor-owned utilities, whose rates include profits for outside shareholders, co-ops are owned by those they serve. Co-op customers, also termed members, are the owners of the co-op. As a result, power is provided at low cost, and the margins above cost are returned to the individual members. Each member is also given an equal voice in company affairs, so decisions reflect the desires of consumers, not investors.

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